Bill Taverner

Bill Taverner

Bill Taverner, a sex education leader with a Master’s from NYU, founded the Sex Ed Lecture Series and edits the “American Journal of Sexuality Education.” With over 85 publications, he’s received awards like AASECT Book Award. Beyond work, he’s a Mets fan who loves traveling with family.


About Bill

Bill Taverner, born and raised in Staten Island, New York, is a renowned figure in the field of sex education, bringing over 25 years of experience to his role as Executive Director of The Center for Sex Education (CSE). Holding a Master of Arts degree in human sexuality from New York University, Bill has dedicated his career to advancing sexual health education.

Passionate about community engagement, Bill founded the Sex Ed Lecture Series in March 2020, aiming to support educators during the pandemic. As President of the series, he fosters ongoing learning and connectivity within the field. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Editor of the widely respected “American Journal of Sexuality Education.”

Bill’s contributions to the field are extensive, with over 85 publications to his name, covering various aspects of sexuality education including teaching manuals, curricula, and journal articles. His latest book, “Sex Education Research: A Look Between the Sheets,” is a collaborative effort featuring accessible essays by 70 authors.

Recognized for his leadership, Bill has received numerous national awards, including the AASECT Book Award and the Academy for Adolescent Health’s Social Justice Award. He is also a proud recipient of Planned Parenthood’s “Golden Apple Award” for his dedication to sexuality education.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Bill is an avid baseball fan, particularly passionate about the New York Mets. He enjoys traveling with his two adult children, exploring new destinations and cultures.

Throughout his journey, from his upbringing in Staten Island to his current role shaping the discourse on sex education, Bill Taverner continues to exemplify dedication, leadership, and a commitment to promoting sexual health and education for all.